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3-year-old Zoe - 2147 (Episode: Genesis)

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"They said they could get me out of Golad and into Hope Plaza. And no, I didn’t mention Zoe because I didn’t want to push my luck. When you’re in jail, you don’t exactly have a lot of leverage."

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Michelle Branch’s music video, “Another Sun” (x)

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Maddy and Josh in The Runaway (1x05)

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Elisabeth Shannon and Jim Shannon
Terra Nova: 1.10 - Now You See Me

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Elisabeth: It’s funny. I know it’s yellow, but it is an unusual hue.
Maddy: That’s because it’s a natural pigment, and the plant it’s made from doesn’t exist in 2149. Kind of like crimson before the Spanish brought it back in the 1500s. No one in Europe had ever seen it before.
Jim: It is amazing how you keep all that stuff in your head.
Josh: Have you seen it? It’s huge.

  • (1x03 - Instinct)
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Guz & Mira (Terra Nova 1x01/1x02 - “Genesis”)

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Maddy Shannon in Night Fall {part one}

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